Construction Supervision & Management

Act as reperesentative of client to ensure the construction is as planned.

During this stage of project we as consultant provides any assistance required for construction management covering review design, cost control, implementation schedule, progress monitoring, quality control and handing over processing.


Our team has proven experience in construction management, your assets is safe with us

Review and Approve the Construction Program

The Consultant may monitor the progress of the works in relation to the approved construction schedule and update the network diagram for each of the project components as may from time to time be necessary as a result of progress or changed circumstances.

Check and Approve the Contractor's Mobilization and Setting-out

The Consultant shall manage to keep the project execution on schedule at the mobilization period of the construction.

Control and Supervision of Progress, Quality and Safety

For the implementation of supervision work, the Consultant will apply Management Control System covering progress, quality/cost and safety control.

Recording of Construction Activities

The Consultant will record the construction activities which will be necessary to prepare the completion report.