Planning & Study

We do design planning and pre-investment studies for land development

We conduct general development and pre-investment studies in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, economic, finance, science & technology, community, urban and regional developments involving field investigations, primary and secondary data collection, interview, market surveys; prepare development plans, master plans, formulation of problem solving, feasibility studies, examination and analysis of all technical, economical, financial, ecological and sociological aspects of proposed project, arranging seminar / workshop and any other pre-investment studies as required by clients.


Our detailed planning & forecasting can gain high accuracy up-to 85% before execution

Block Plan & Layout Plan

The review and the design will be carried out in terms of spatial use and land use functions (industrial area, office area, supporting facilities area, residential area, commercial area, green area, etc.) for the entire with reference to the Technical Instructions for Industrial Estates in the Regulation of the Ministerial of Industry.

Infrastructure Planning

Identifying and do design planning Infrastructure Needs.

Cost Estimation

The consultant will prepare an indicative cost for the entire construction work.